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EU-Project "Kutschenitza"

Because of climate change and changes in discharge conditions, problems are arising at the common border river Kutschenitza and throughout its drainage basin. These problems are exacerbated by emissions from point sources (e.g. clarification plants) and diffuse sources (e.g. agriculture). Altogether, these factors lead to poor water quality because of the changes in water flow both during dry periods and in periods of increased heavy rain.

To improve the water quality on both the left and the right banks of the border river, joint measures must be taken and the necessary structural measures related to the water body itself (as a border river, Kutschenitza is currently  constructed as a trapezoidal channel) need to be implemented in accordance with a decision of the Austro-Slovene Water Commission. The aim of this project is to develop a joint catalogue of measures in order to solve these problems on both sides of the border river, which should be adopted by policy makers and in the next step serve as a basis for gradual implementation. 

The following target groups will be involved in or affected by the project: executives with special responsibility for   water management, environmental experts, policy makers, public administrators, farmers and agricultural workers, and people living in this region; in general, cooperation will be required among many groups in the cross border community area.

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